_DSC6078LMC Makina, Hydraulic Pipe Clamps – manufacturing according to international standards – are not only used for quick and easy pipe and hose installation, but also to give an clean and professional appearance on the machinery. LMC Hydraulic Pipe Clamps have a proven history within many varied application areas, including industries such as production machinery, marine hydraulics, energy transfer lines, heavy construction machinery etc. without any problems. LMC Hydraulic Pipe Clamps also reduce the noise and vibration, which is very important for environmental protection and operator comfort and efficiency. LMC hydraulic tank accessories are designed for transmitting hydraulic oil to hydraulic system in a safe way. LMC pneumatic circuit elements could be use for fast and safe connection. LMC Plastic plugs and caps Protects inner and out screws from damage, covers flanshing connections, prevents from dust and other materials which can be damage to pipes and other circuit elements.